When Virtual Become Reality (and Vice Versa)

There’s this thing — I’ve been playing this game for more than two weeks now, an online, browser based game, much like Travian. Only better. I never play Travian, but my friend who ever play Travian, does say so. The game is called Lord of Ultima (abbrv. LOU).

There’s nothing weird about this game. Well, maybe I have to say I’m a little bit addicted to this game, but still within my acceptable limit. This game is slow paced. That enables me to leave this game for a while after queuing some orders that can be done while I’m not around. So this game still doesn’t steal my real live precious time. It’s so slow that I even spent more time to joined in my guild’s discussion forum than in the game itself. Yes, this is just another browser based massive multiplayer online games, and everything is normal about this game.

But there was something interesting a few days ago when the scheduled maintenance kicking in. For a newbie player like me, I’ve never experienced a scheduled maintenance in LOU, so this is my first time. In the website, it says that the site will be back online in 1 hour, please join in twitter and facebook discussion page. That’s still normal.

What’s not normal is how the people react to the 60 minutes of maintenance. There were so much impatient comments in the facebook page! There’s even one person saying “Your 60 minutes is the longest 60 minutes in the world!”. I was thinking, oh c’mon peps, it’s only 60 minutes! Can’t you wait? Then I read all the comments further. It seems that everytime the maintenance kicked in, it will be not only 60 minutes. It can be prolonged to 2-3 hours.

But still, I don’t really think that 2-3 hours is long. Why don’t they just leave their computer, breathe a new air, clean up their home, call some old friends, hang around with family, or anything? Be live in the real world, for a sec. I think that 2-3 hours will be long passed after they done all that. I even just opened it after 6 hours after all my activities done, almost in the midnight.

I just thinking, how many of our precious time is wasted for some virtual reality activities? It’s a game, just a game. But some people takes it more personally than others that it’s like they gonna die or something if the game doesn’t run up within minutes. At my guild’s forum, there’s one thread that’s talking about what is our age. And I’m quite surprised to know many people so much older than me (but there’s so much younger as well). The age range is from 14 years old to 41, even 50 years old!

I know that age doesn’t kill the child spirit inside us. It’s very normal for people from all age to play. But the leaders from my guild seems to be composed from more grown up peoples than teenagers. To be a leader, one has to spent so much time playing the game to be a pro. And that has to take some precious time for his family or even his sleep.

I just wanted to remind you all about your precious real time. How much time you spent on people around you, e.g. the people that’s currently around you, versus the time you spend on the virtual world, even on the phone. There’s so much comfort in communicating only with the people we like to talk even if those people are not present, and forgetting those who are physically around us. Those precious time maybe not coming back, and after that, it’s only regret and broken heart that’s left behind.

The advancement of technology made it more and more possible for us to avoid what’s painful (but real) and dwelling in our own more comfortable world (even if it’s fiction). People has labeled an absent-minded person with eyes that looking into nothingness, as ‘dwelling in his own world’. But we often forget that technology also enabled us to dwelling in our own world, ‘legally’. Now let’s realize that while we’re dwelling in our own world, there’s a real world that keeps going, with the people that we love, or love us, inside it. With a good time management, those two world can live side by side. But in the end if it can’t, then it’s our choice, which world you’ll let to live in your heart?


8 comments on “When Virtual Become Reality (and Vice Versa)

  1. your description have successfully persuaded me to join that game.
    it is really a double-edged sword .. πŸ˜›


    • haizz hahaha. why don’t you tell me? I can really get the benefit of friend joining. wkwkwk.
      tell me your nickname and on what continent you settled, and I will help you getting started. =P
      but you surely one of my alien friend which seems to always see anything from the different point than most of the people. wkwkwk.

  2. mission failed. my internet speed is so horrible it won’t loads any FB games, though it loads other FB pages quite smoothly. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. well, too bad.. I would be happy to join forces with my alien buddy.
    wkwk πŸ˜›

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