Jakarta For Jesus: All Aboard!

Today, April 26, marked a new changes in Jakarta: A new young generation is being arise! In the revival service held at the Ballroom of Central Pall Mark, Podomoro City, West Jakarta, the building with only capacity of 5000 people, tonight filled with more than 9000 people, all bathe in the in the God’s presence while excitedly worshiping Him. At the end of the sermon, many people coming forward to respond to the love of God. From the report, at least 2500 people are giving themselves saved and be reconciled with God! That’s a great news, but it shall not ended there.

Tomorrow, it’s the final day for revival ceremony of Jakarta for Jesus! If you live in Jakarta, or be around Jakarta, you should gives yourself time out from all things you’re currently working on, and coming to the service just once. It’s a small time investment compared to what could changes and turn your life anew, and your life will never be a same.

Check out the details
April 27, 2011, at 19.00-21.00 (free)
Ballroom (12th floor) of Central Park Mall, Podomoro City,
Let. Jend. S. Parman st, Kav 28,
West Jakarta, Indonesia

For you who can’t come into the service, you can watch it via online streaming at http://www.mstv.tv.

Don’t miss it! And experience the unforgettable encounter with God, that will changes your life, forever!

Oh, and for you who search for Jakarta For Jesus theme song, I don’t have it. But it’s the same with Surabaya For Jesus theme song, only with a slight of change in lyrics.

Day 2 Update

Update: Jakarta For Jesus day 2 is even more glorious for God. It’s reported that 11.509 people filled a room with only 5.000 capacity, more than 4.000 people queued 10 stories outside and unable to come inside even though the committee has already do the best so that at the most people can attend the Jakarta For Jesus, and even more glorious, the number of people who Jesus saved is two times greater than the first day! Praise God!

Another great source out there

  • Read the sermon summary of the first day of Jakarta For Jesus at alivenotdead blog.
  • See Jakarta For Jesus pre-event photograph.
  • Someone put her story about a glimpse of what happened on Jakarta For Jesus day 1.
  • Some photo gallery from Jakarta For Jesus.
  • Some videos mainly shoot Vanness Wu from Jakarta For Jesus.
  • This list is growing! I will post another links as I found new ones. Check out later!
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