Surabaya For Jesus: The History Begin

The Jakarta For Jesus phenomenon that held on April 26-27, 2011 has reach into one conclusion: that God who we worship able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think! Maybe we only have faith for five thousand soul each day, but in total, more than 20,000 people have attend the crusade in only two days, and the sum of soul saved themselves also already exceeded the total seat capacity alone!

Now it’s the time for Surabaya For Jesus. This is not a just another type of event — This is an event that could changes your life forever! Too bad that when Jakarta For Jesus is held, I wasn’t there, so I can’t give full cover of report about what really happened there. But at Surabaya For Jesus, I will attend those full 2 days, from the seminars at daylight, to the crusade at nighttime. We are working hard for this moment, because we know that this moment is very crucial, have a huge impact for the lives of many people. When we held Surabaya For Jesus event, we are not kidding — This is an event we strive to REALLY bring everyone in Surabaya to know Jesus personally!

So, in this blog post, I assure you that I will cover whatever happened in Surabaya For Jesus day 1 and day 2 crusade in proper detail. Choky Sitohang and Christian Bautista will also be present to gives their testimonial, Philip Mantofa will gives the sermon. But, instead of reading my report, why don’t you come yourself at the crusade and experience a life-changing encounter with God?

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April 29-30, 2011, at 19.00-21.00 (free)
Kenjeran Park, East Surabaya, Indonesia.

For you who can’t come into the service, you can watch it via online streaming at

Don’t miss it! And experience the unforgettable encounter with God, that will changes your life, forever!

Read Surabaya For Jesus theme song lyrics and download the mp3.

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