Jakarta For Jesus: All Aboard!

Today, April 26, marked a new changes in Jakarta: A new young generation is being arise! In the revival service held at the Ballroom of Central Pall Mark, Podomoro City, West Jakarta, the building with only capacity of 5000 people, tonight filled with more than 9000 people, all bathe in the in the God’s presence while excitedly worshiping Him. At the end of the sermon, many people coming forward to respond to the love of God. From the report, at least 2500 people are giving themselves saved and be reconciled with God! That’s a great news, but it shall not ended there.

Tomorrow, it’s the final day for revival ceremony of Jakarta for Jesus! If you live in Jakarta, or be around Jakarta, you should gives yourself time out from all things you’re currently working on, and coming to the service just once. It’s a small time investment compared to what could changes and turn your life anew, and your life will never be a same.

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By Martin Tjandra Posted in Church