Video Blog Fever Rambling

Kevin from KevJumba's Channel. FYI: This is *strictly* not me. 😀

Hello guys! Long time no see. How’re you doin? Wait… this isn’t really like my style. But anyway, I was absent from this blog for too long time. I have some materials to write actually, but let me get organized first. 🙂 So let’s get warmed up with this foreword.

Remember when I’m talking about my favorite Youtube channels in 2011? Well, recently I visited Nigahiga’s channel (Ryan Higa) out of curiosity why his channel is so popular, and found out about his friends, KevJumba (Kevin), the one that in the picture above. I’m actually not very fond of video blogging, or maybe should I say, video ranting. But when I see KevJumba’s channel, I should say that, well, I like his video. Nigahiga is great too, but KevJumba can make videos without the need to much-overused self-deprecating, which will be rotted after used too much.

But one thing that I notice is that Kevin wasn’t that funny or that talkative at his earlier attempts to make video rants. He grows. He evolves. Sure, at some perspective, he’s already have his extrovert personality, shown from the way he’s attempting his breakdancing as his first video. But when he’s attempting to video blog for his next, there’s this “atmosphere of awkwardness” going around, especially if you know his later videos first and then switch to his earlier. The Kevin on his maybe 80th++ video blog is more talkative, fluent, natural, funny, almost spontaneous.

That alone makes me want to do video blogging. But yeah there’s loads more of stuffs going on these days that needs more of my attention than doing video blogging (boy, I really wish that Youtube was already famous and widespread when I was in highschool!). And I’m not that fluent of English too given that my mother language is not English. It will need a hell of video editing if by some means I force myself to do a video blogging, and probably will take longer than the shooting time itself. I guess I’ll stick to text blogging platform for a while. Let’s leave video blogging for the pro ones. 🙂

That also brings my curiosity to the next level. Is there any Indonesian doing video blog out there? If it is, are they famous? Well, after a good search and rescue, I found gabyissoawesome, swertefc, and dandorf, the latter one is, afaik, having the most visitors. One of her video viewed 500k+ times, while the other ones (gabyissoawesome and swertefc) viewed in average of 100-1000 times. And that’s still an okay, considering that there are many other Indonesian video blogger folks that get view as low as 10-40 times. From all the video blog I search, very few features Indonesian language. But let’s face it: it’s very funny and awkward when hearing Indonesian people doing video blog with Indonesian language. The dandorf channel has some Indonesian language videos. Her English videos is fine, I think. But when I listen to her Indonesian videos, it feels very funny. It’s like I’m doing video call or something. I feel like “Oh my God, don’t ever let those western people see this video, it’s very embarrassing!” even though there’s nothing to be embarrassed of as that’s not my video. I don’t know. It’s very unusual to hear Indonesian language coming out from computer, especially when it’s not in video call context.

I guess, many Indonesian people doesn’t really proud of their language heritage. And that maybe also including me. I still prefer “mouse” than “tetikus”, “page” than “lelaman”, “download” than “unduh”, and many other words. Or maybe is it just Indonesia? Does neighbor countries suffer the same problem? Well, I know some of stories, but we’re here not to gossiping about other countries, right? 🙂 I just think, Indonesian people have lots of chance to be able to do anything, but many didn’t take that chance.

As for the wish, well, of course I would wish that someday people from Indonesia would really become part of the “important world”, doing great things, be acknowledge, able to support themselves, even helping another countries. But for the simple wish in according to today’s rambling, I just wish that someday there’s people from Indonesia who made videos as much quality as NigaHiga or KevJumba. That way, Indonesia would not be known only for its riots or terrorism, but also how warm and friendly they are. And also how nice its satay or chicken curry. Wait, that’s for another blog type..

Well, this is my rambling for today, as too many things I want to dish out from my mind. And as I write and re-read again, I suddenly think that this posts is written more likely in a video blogging post script, but what the heck. 🙂 Feel free to leave your thought at the comment box. Stay tuned for next inspiration, and ciao. 😀

This is KevJumba’s my most favorite video. Enjoy. Credits, of course, goes to the owner. 🙂

PS: The latest thing I heard about Kevin (KevJumba) is that the Cartoon Network is hiring him. Maybe after the staff look at his channel. Or not.


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