Short Note At The Airport

Well, here I am at the airport, waiting for the plane to be departed. Actually, I got here in a little bit of hurry, just to be informed that the plane is delayed for 2 hours. Sigh. Well, the wise always said, it’s better to wait twice as long than to be late. As for I am, waiting makes my mind drift away, because that’s where my mind can rest for a while, while avoiding much of the life’s worries.

Well, about that, I’m just thinking that life needs money. A lot of it. I was talking with my friend’s dad with his friend a fer days ago. He asked what I’m doing for living, what business I plan to make, and what business chance that I foresaw. And his final words is what keep echoing around in my head, “God, it’s so hard to make money these days!”

Well, age wise, he’s a lot older, wiser, and a seasoned pro than me in terms of making money. And as far as I know, he’s not a lazy person or something. But yet, that fearful words is coming from his very own lips! So that’s a little discouraging me. Will I be able to make enough money for the family I’m going to have in the future? What if there’s something happened along the way? I’m never old, but my friend’s dad have been through youth age. Who knows what kind of hardships he’s been enduring.

But, after all, he’s still there, standing proud, with his children now ready to succeeding him to take over the world. The world now is different, with the invention of the technology and communication. If in 50 years ago he’s only compete with people in his city, today if there’s a vacancy opened in a workplace 500 meters from my home, maybe people from thousand miles away can hear about that vacancy faster than me through the internet. It’s like ones have to compete with the whole world! Well maybe that sounds over exaggerating, but that’s the truth. So, the world has changed over time, but there are things that not change. It’s that life needs hard work in order for you to survive, needs smart work in order to live your life, and needs connection in order to keep that way. Hey, where’s God in there? Well, I realized that I’m talking way too much about God and too little about hard work. God helps people who helps themselves, not some lazy bones. If we believe that God will help, then He will help. We just have to do our part, and not worrying about whether God will do His part. People who aren’t doing their part, actually also didn’t believe that God will do His part.

That alone reminds me not to forget to searching about books that tells about how great men and women are fighting their “giants” in life, and won. That’s what encourages me most to believe that there’s always hope if we still carry on whatever happens, and surrender to God. One of those books that I found very valuable is “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which I think you all know that books. And one if the books in the reading list plan is the book that tells the story of Steve Jobs, his journey, and his determination.

Well, it looks like my plane is about to depart after waiting 1.5 hours while writing this post, and I’m failed to drift my mind away to avoid those life worries thinking, but whatever. Hope this can inspire and encourages you all, not the opposite. 🙂 see you.


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