The Most Popular Question

Do you ever hear people who asking what’s the meaning of life?

While this is a potentially good question, this question also indicate that the people isn’t happy with his/her current life, because as we know it, happy person rarely asks about something like that.

The question about the meaning of life has been brought up by tons of people, including me. Especially each time when I’m about to hit the lowest point in my life, this question always coming up in my mind, and I guess, in each of your mind too. This question is coming up to serve as a reminder for me of what’s the important things in this world that I’m currently fighting for. This is acts like the last resort of defense before everything crumbles up.

The problem is, if this question can’t be answered well, this is what makes so many people ends up in depression, psycologist counsels, hospital, and even suicide. It’s just only because they didn’t have answer to that question, or they realized their answer isn’t worth enough to cope wtih their problems in life.

Today, if you have never thought about the answer to that question, maybe today is the best time to think about that, whenever everything is still in order, when the sky is blue, and the grass is green. So that, whenever those hard times come, you’ll already have your best shot to rise and come up, declaring confidently that even though all these problems happened in your life, you have all of these important mission, and people that you love and love you, that makes your life worthy to be living for.


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