The Importance of Names

Do you remember where I put your name?

“When we are famous, people will asks for your schedule, Den.” my friend Jono said jokingly in my house last Wednesday. My other friend, Denny, is laughing.
“Hah. Much like when I read the tweet at Echa’s twitter, Jon.” he recalled. “People asks him, when will you perform Drum Session in our place, or when will you come visit our city. I still don’t think it’s my time.” he opened his cellphone, and give it to me so that I can read Echa’s tweets.
“Hahah, someday you will.”
“Yea, but the thing that I really like about him is more about how he remembers people he has met.” his tone suddenly becomes serious.

“I and my friends once meet him in Garden Palace restaurant. He was scheduled to perform there. Before the performance, there’s ‘gathering event’ with fellows and fans. I have had the chance to join the gathering. But unfortunately, I have to go before the gathering even finished. Then, approximately one month later, I meet him again in when he got another performance session at G-Walk. Asvusual, there’s ‘gathering event’ happening, and I join the gathering again. Through the crowds, he immediately recognized me, saying ‘oh, you’re the one we met the Garden Palace, right?’ I’m amazed. I’m amazed by his drum skill, but I’m more amazed that he can still recognized me from just a brief meeting, and after a month! He must be already has meet hundreds of other fans in that one month, but I guess he still can recall each one of them. That shows how humble he is.”

And that also strikes me. I, for the other hand, really sucks at remembering peoples names. I just only vaguely remembers the face of new acquantices, and sometimes after 10 seconds hearing their names, I almost immediately forgot it while consumed in panic of searching for some topic to talk. Sometimes when at a meeting that I got the chance to sit down in front of a big table, I immediately get a small notes and writes each name of the people in meeting, according to their sitting position around the big table, in effort to help me remember each of them after they introduce their name. But that still only helps a little, as I still found myself completely forgot each of their names after I left the meeting.

I learned that to become a person who gives impact to other people, your heart speaks louder than your brain. No matter how much your ungodly skills are, people are more attracted by the way you treat them. Sometimes, it’s just through a simple act, like remembering names. I must admit that, like anybody else, I find it much easier to remember someone’s name if they have some distinct unique traits that makes them set apart from anybody else, such as very talkative person, exceptionally beautiful or handsome, bringing some weird (or surprising) things, wearing some weird (or matching) cloth, using weird or funny accent I’ve never heard, taking study major in a field of expertise that just a few people dare to take it, etc. And then slowly over time, I realized that those unique things can be found on almost everybody. I just have to be more dilligent to look harder.

You can found some sites I handpicked talking about tips to remembering names here. I find it useful. I hope it will be useful to you too.

Do you have any experience about remembering people’s name? Feel free to share in the comments.


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