Bromo Trip of the Summer Vacation

I have mentioned in my other blog’s posts that I’m going to Bromo. Well, I’ve just finished my “tour guide” job for school’s guests from Taiwan trip to Bromo. It’s not a real “tour guide” job actually. Basically, I just have to accompany them as they basically can’t speak or understand Indonesian very well. I help them in communicating with the travel drivers, locals, sellers, and front desk officer. This is some of the pictures I take. This is actually the first time I upload pictures in my blog post (Hurray! Throw the champagne! No? Well, I don’t really like champagne, either), but hey, there always the first time for everything, right? πŸ™‚

The sunrise view in Bromo (actually in the Petinggen Mt.) is blocked by a thick fog

After we arrive there, we plan to go to Penanjakan (lit. Hiking) Mt. to watch the sunrise. Unluckily, there are some sort of Jazz club book all the Jeeps, rendering us unable to go there. So we go to an alternative nearby mountain called Petinggen (lit. Higher Place) Mt., but there are thick fogs blocking our way of view so we can’t see the Sunrise. This actually also happened if we were to go to Penanjakan. So we’re really out of luck. I was able to watch the sunrise at the past time, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s so beautiful. After that, each time I go to Mt. Bromo, my view always blocked by thick clouds. I hate that, when I have already boasted to other people how beautiful the sunrise view is. Well, maybe I have to tone down my excitement a little bit. πŸ™‚

We got our picture taken, instead. πŸ™‚

This is the best sunrise we can get.

Because nothing to do here, then we got our picture taken instead. Then, we go back into our carpark place to book any Jeep that has return. We got 2 Jeeps, and we go straight to Bromo.

This is when we are going to the Bromo site by walking.

This is the so-called Hundreds Steps to reach the peak of Bromo.

When we arrive at the bottom of the Bromo Mt., we have to climb through the “Hundreds Steps” to reach the peak of Bromo. Unfortunately, now they can’t be called “Hundred Steps” anymore, as the steps are buried under the volcanic sands, following the small eruption and tremor of the Bromo Mt., and that makes the journey through the steps are ridiculously harder and more tiring. You can see some of the steps’ edge on the surface of the sands.

They said their wish while holding onto the flower.

After much work, we finally arrive at the peak of the Bromo. After they take some pictures, I give them a small bouquet of flower that I’ve bought earlier. It’s customary for people who arrive at the peak of Bromo to say their wish while holding flowers, and then throw the flowers to the volcanic mountain afterwards.

This is the bromo volcanic top, that spewed out volcanic gas.

After that, we return to the bottom, go with the Jeeps to our travel vehicles, and then going back to Surabaya, to get a well-deserved massage for our tired and weary body. πŸ™‚


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