A Christmas Essay: Emmanuel

How do you think about someone who name his child over another person’s namesake? Now, how do you feel when somebody decided to name his newborn child with your name?

Name is a one of parents’ keepsake for their children as a memento to remind him/her about destiny. A name usually represent hopes, how parents perceive their children will grow into. I, for some reason, like to study about names. For example, the name of places. The name of places usually contains long history about why those places have their names now. For example, the valley of Eskhol. It’s named Eskhol (“cluster”) because of the cluster of grapes which the children of Israel cut down from thence. And then there’s the people of Edom. It’s named Edom (“hairy”) because of their ancestor Esau, the brother of Jacob, which is also hairy since from the womb. They’re still kept the name Edom / Esau because of the prophecy that Isaac told before his death, that even though the great blessing that should come down upon Esau is “stolen” by Jacob, and Esau was foretold that his descendant will be the servant of Jacob’s descendant, someday Esau / Edom will broke Jacob’s yoke from the Edom’s neck. And they are, because several hundred years later, Edom which is bond to serve Israel, was rebelled and separate themselves from Israel.

Moreover, name also has important meaning, not only to parents, but also to God. Jacob, which has the meaning of “supplanter”, as he deceives his father and took his elder brother’s place to receive the blessing that was meant for his brother. Later, God changed his name into “Israel” which means “upright one”. God also give meaningful names even to angels, such as Michael (“Who is like God?”) and Gabriel (“Warrior / Man of God”).

Now, for a God that pay major attention to a name, if He, for example, give birth a child, what name He would choose? Have we even asked ourselves about this? There’s so much name with glorious meaning to choose from, and as His child is also a God, it’s very rational to give Him a name which means “Ruler”, “Almighty”, “Omnipotent”, or anything on that line. But, in the end, what name did God choose?

From Etymonline.com:

masc. personal name, from Greek form of Heb. ‘Immanu’el, lit. “God is with us,” from ‘immanu “with us,” from ‘im “with,” + first person plural pronomial suffix, + El “God.”

When I first hear this name, I felt it very… ordinary. Sure, the name Emmanuel sounds spicy and rocks. But, lately, when I take a look at this name, suddenly a scene kept playing in my head. A scene that told a story about somebody which in imprisoned in jail for years without hopes to be released. Suddenly a boy came visiting this prisoner, and handed him a shabby paper. He opened the paper, and there’s a handwriting says “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I’m with you.” He lifted up his head with teary eyes looking at the boy, and the boy said, “That’s the letter from my father. He asked me to handed this letter personally to you to ensure you that he mean it.”

After 400 years almost without any prophets to warned the degraded humanity, God suddenly chose that sacred Christmas eve for the savior of this world to be born, with special message engraved as His name: “God is with us.” He didn’t choose “Almighty” or “King” as His Son’s name. Rather, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, and named Him the most important message He wants the world to know, that whatever your condition is, no matter how deep you fall and trapped in the darkness, God is always, ALWAYS, be with you. It concludes that at the time Jesus is born, it’s YOU and ME that God’s been thinking after.

Sometimes, after all we’ve been through in this life, after all the mistakes we’ve been done, we become hard to believe that God can still love us, or that God can still be with us. How can He still love a wreck like me, you asked? Well, we all are a wreck. We don’t even worth a penny, all we can do is rebel against God. But, His love is proven when He gave His only begotten Son while we still His enemies. So, don’t asked me why He still loves you, or me, with His stubborn undying love. I just know that all He wants from us is to accept and return His love. It’s very weird, but also very simple.

As the closing words, I just want to remind you of how important is the name that God chose for the Savior of this world. It’s a assuring promise, that whatever storm happen in your world, God will be always be there to guide you out. Emmanuel, what a beautiful name God chose!

For the extra, I uploaded a music video contains a lovely song about Christmas. This is my first real tribute to the Youtube community. Woo hoo! 🙂 It’s an English Christian song, an old song. I’m sure you all know that song. But the version that I sang in the video is the version translated into Indonesian instead. But I will give the lyrics here.

Music Arrangement: Martin
Music Production: Martin
Vocal: Martin
Video Editing: Martin

Karena Kita

Waktu kecil kita merindukan natal
Hadiah yang indah dan menawan
Namun tak menyadari Seorang Bayi telah lahir
Bawa kes’lamatan ‘tuk manusia

Waktu pun berlalu dan kita pun tahu
Anug’rah terindah dari Bapa
Yang relakan AnakNya disiksa dan disalibkan
Di bukit Kalvari kar’na kasih

Karena kita Dia menderita
Karena kita Dia disalibkan
Agar dunia yang hilang
Diselamatkan dari hukuman kekal

T’lah kudapatkan jalan kehidupan
Tatkala kubukakan hatiku bagi Dia
Dalam ucapanku, dalam segala hal
Aku ingin memuji Dia, Puji Dia

We Are the Reason

As little children we’d dream of Christmas morn
And all the gifts and toys we knew we’d find
But we never realized a baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

As the years went by we learned more of our gifts
The giving of ourselves and what that means
On a dark and cloudy day a man hung crying in the rain
Because of love
Because of love

We are the reason that He gave His life
We were the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

I finally found the reason for living
It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
And all that I do every word that I say
I will give all my life just for Him, just for Him


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