It’s Finally Out: Kupercaya Mujizat

It’s already here!

It's already here!

It’s already here!

Okay, I’m usually have normal level of excitement when it’s about new album from Mawar Sharon Church. But for this album, I’m super hyped. I’ve preorder this album since December last year, and I just got it last night! This album is about the songs that I bet will be sung a lot at Festival Kuasa Allah (God’s Power Festival), a healing crusade that’s regularly be held by Mawar Sharon Church. But I’m especially hyped for this album because album like this is usually hits home to me. This kind of all-worship album is awesome and matched to my preference. But it’s not just that. It’s also the theme that it brings, and the song list that I just love so much.

  1. Kupercaya Mujizat (Ps. Philip Mantofa)
  2. Allah Roh Kudus (Redo Daeng Badji & Ezra Lewina)
  3. Terima Kasih (Ezra Lewina)
  4. Hanya DekatMu (Franky Kuncoro)
  5. Kaulah Tuhan Penyembuhku (Cindy Hartsteen)
  6. Tetap Tersenyum (Ps. Judy Kosemanto)
  7. Di BilurMu (Redo Daeng Badji)
  8. Kutahu RencanaMu (Ps. Philip Mantofa & Cindy Hartsteen)
  9. Holy Spirit (SiEn Vanessa)
  10. Mujizat Adalah (all stars)
  11. Bonus: Mulia Bagi Anak Domba (Ps. Victor Gunawan)

I have listened to some of them, and I liked them all. But especially for this one specific song: Tetap Tersenyum. This is an awesome song, that I can’t resist to immediately create cover of the song. I also add some English lyrics so that English-speaker viewer can understand what the song lyric means. But I’m no expert at English, so it maybe sounds weird. But you get the point. πŸ˜€ I just want to contribute what I can. I’ve tried to keep the translation as faithful as possible to the original lyric. Anyway, enjoy!

Here’s the lyric.

Tetap tersenyum
Dikala ku lemah
Sbab Tuhan besertaku
Dia angkat hidupku
Dari lumpur dosa
Pulihkan dan sembuhkanku

Kupercaya mujizatMu
Pasti terjadi
Sbab tiada yang tak mungkin bagiMu
Kupercaya mujizatMu
Pasti terjadi
Engkau Tuhan tepati janjiMu

Keep smile in my heart
Though I am weak and poor
Cause I know You never leave me
You save me from my sin
To stand strong in mountain
Restore and heal all of my shame

And I believe in Your promise
You work with miracle
Cause nothing is impossible for You
And I believe in Your promise
You work with miracle
I rest my soul in the faith of Your words


8 comments on “It’s Finally Out: Kupercaya Mujizat

    • Oh di sana belum ada yang jual? Coba nanti saya tanyakan ya gimana caranya. Salah satu alternatifnya adalah dapetin lewat iTunes. Sudah dijual juga di iTunes koq. πŸ™‚

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