Gong Xi Fa Cai, My Old Job, and My New Cover (Aku Percaya)

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello everybody and Happy Chinese New Year! Or should I say, Gong Xi Fa Cai? And some people even say Zhongguo Xinnian (Zhongguo = Chinese, Xin = New, Nian = Year). I’m not that fluent in Chinese language, but I understand some common terms, and this is a very common terms between Chinese people, even if they can’t speak Chinese.

Talking about Chinese, I remember my old days when I was a teacher in a school called Surabaya Taipei School (STS). Those year were… how should I put it… exciting. I met many unique students, and I had great time to teach there, because I like to teach. Sure, there are easy students, and there are hard ones. I kept training myself on how to present study in a non-boring way, that even a student who doesn’t interested in the material can become interested. And it was honestly a horrible performance. Kids running around and screaming in my class while I’m teaching is not rare, especially when they are still in elementary school. Yes, I teach computer for grade one to grade twelve, and each class is unique. But in the middle of those chaos, I can still see some students who are genuinely interested with the material, and that was heartwarming as a teacher. I quickly befriended with those kind of students, and teamed up with them I tried to reach those hard-to-reach students. It wasn’t a great success, but at least I’ve tried everything I can.

I always set my mind to think that a job is not a place where you come to do something and get paid. I always think that workplace is a place where I learn and study something new, and for that, I get paid. How cool is that? That’s why I try to get all the opportunity to learn anything new at my workplace, and in STS, it’s obvious that I can learn Chinese, straight from the native speakers! I tried so hard to replace my daily conversation which I usually said in English (because many of them can’t speak in Indonesia) with Chinese (some of them can’t even speak in English!). It felt like a challenge, to change all my habits, and to gave them my respect by trying to speak in Chinese, even though I felt it like a total failure. But I can see how they respect someone who tried to learn, and they even helped and corrected me in their spare time.

I was a great fun, and I still contact with some of them, even though I’m not working there again. And who knows that someday in the future, I might go back to work there? Well, kei sera sera. 😀

And in that reflection, I made another cover about song which has Chinese tunes. This is a cover about old Indonesian song titled “Aku Percaya”. This song is powerful because of its simple lyric, and I have loosely translated the song in English so everyone can understand it. Obviously, I still don’t have the level required to translate this to Chinese, so maybe I will do that in the future. 😀 I will tried to upload one cover every week, to push myself to learn more. I even tried to taught myself to play melody on guitar, even though guitar is not my most proficient musical instrument. Enjoy! And I hope you’ll have a year full of prosperity and happiness!

The lyrics:

Tiada yang seperti Engkau
Begitu mengasihiku
Kau Tuhan sanggup melawat
Seluruh kehidupanku

Aku percaya
Tuhanku ajaib
Kau turun tangan memulihkanku
Aku percaya
Tuhanku dahsyat
Kau turun tangan memberkatiku

There’s no one can compare to You
Who loves me with what I’ve been through
I trust all of my life in You
God of all, to You I seek to

I believe in You
My tower of refuge
My help comes from You
who will make breakthrough

I believe in You
My tower of refuge
My hope comes from You
Nothing like You do
(My strength comes from You
Nothing like You do)

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