Money Can’t Buy Everything — But Still Important


There’s an ongoing symptoms in the midst of Christian believers nowadays, and its name is Chrometophobia, or fear of money. In this case, it’s not actually fear, but rather, dislikes. The Christian is taught about “for the money is the root of all evil” law, therefore people tends to stay away from activity that can gave them label “money digger”. People feels guilty when they collect money more than what he thought he need. Sorry, did you notice that I wrote the law wrong? Correct. I was deliberately wrote it wrong. The correct one is “for the love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s not the money that is wrong, but it’s our attitude toward the money that can make it the root of all evil. People sometimes giving up opportunities and saying “I dislikes money. It’s the root of all evil,” kind of things. But actually, more often than not, it’s because they’re covering up for their lack of motivation by giving excuses that looks religious.

Today I registered my wife into the hospital for room booking for the upcoming labor, which is still 3 months away. I was so shocked to find that the price for caesar operation is skyrocketing, and honestly way beyond what I can normally afford. It’s because my babies are triplets, and the price for labor for triplets is like 3 to 5 times the normal labor for one baby, depends on the condition of the babies when they’re born. And to think I was already working myself night and day for that! It was so surreal that I thought the staff were joking when informing me of the cost prediction. Yeah, it’s a prediction, but it can be for better or for worse. I thought, it’s very expensive to have baby(s). How expensive it would be to raise them? I know, in this case, my help really comes from the Lord alone. He who gave us these three babies, he would provide us with enough with stuff to raise them well. He who started it, will end it well. But how about people who shy away from money because of illegitimate reason?

… That was what I originally want to say. But then I have to postpone this post to go to church. At church, I was reminded again that everything is about God. Everything is revolving around Him. Sometimes when we so fed up with problems, we often forget that life is ultimately not about all of this wealth, popularity, things, position, even problems, but it’s about God. I was reminded that when we put things not in something that has eternal value, our heart will never be at peace. Indeed, everything at this world is not absolute. The weather is nice this morning, but it can turn into big storm in the afternoon. The stock price which rises this morning, can plunge down in the afternoon. A husband who said goodbye to his wife this morning, can return in coffin in the afternoon. Nothing is absolute and certain in this world, and if we fix our sight into this uncertainties, our heart will be like a restless sea, which wanders searching for something that we don’t even know what we searching for.

So I got an important lesson today. I have to fix my eyes, not on the problem, but on Him who is able to solve the problem. I have to fix my eyes, not on the babies, but on Him who gave the babies. I must not allow my heart to be consumed and lost in restless sea, but to find an anchor where I can sail to the land of peace. To be at peace also means to give. When we stopped our focus to ourselves and start to look for the people around us, we can find our peace in helping them. Money can’t buy everything, but when used correctly, money can ‘buy’ you peace. So, money is still important, but not for our selfish reason, but to help others. Dream big, act big, but remember that it’s all about God, and God wants you to be a blessing for others. That’s the ultimate reason why you should work hard and not phobia about money.

I also made another cover for Kupercaya Mujizat album by GMS. This time, it’s the song “Allah Roh Kudus”. I got unusually high request for this album, so I was considering to cover them all. But I still haven’t decide yet. As usual, I made the English singable translation of the song. And don’t forget, I encourage you to leave in the comments what song I should cover next. Enjoy, and hope this will bless you!

The lyrics:

Yesus Tuhan ditinggikan
Dimuliakan dan naik ke surga
Dia berikan Roh KudusNya
Menguatkan dan menolong slalu

Sungguh ku rindu
Bersekutu denganMu slamanya

Allah Roh Kudus jamah hatiku
Dengan urapanMu
Rindu selalu dekat denganMu
Tinggal di hadiratMu

Jesus my Lord
Be exaltes
Glorified and rise
to heaven above

He gave to me
(His) Holy Spirit
Who always strengthen
And never leave me

Oh how long my heart
To dwell in Your presence Lord, f’rever more
Holy Spirit Lord,
Come and touch my heart
Let Your anointing fall
I will always long
To be in Your throne
With You my Lord I adore
Guitar keys: Do = D
D        A  Bm         A
Yesus Tuhan ditinggikan
G        F#m     Em         A
Dimuliakan dan naik ke surga
D         A Bm         A
Dia berikan Roh KudusNya
G        F#m     Em          A
Menguatkan dan menolong slalu
Sungguh ku rindu
     Em           A     D
Bersekutu denganMu slamanya

      G               F#m Bm
Allah Roh Kudus jamah hatiku
   Em  A     Am   D
Dengan urapanMu
      G        F#m       Bm
Rindu selalu dekat denganMu
    Em     A      D
Tinggal di hadiratMu

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