Turn on the Engine!

Actually, this blog is already established for some time, but  I don’t feel like to fill it. Maybe it’s just my laziness. Haha. But when today I saw the blog of etodac, the spirit to blogging suddenly risen again inside me. Well, let’s hope that this is not a temporary excitement. =P anyway, I will do this blog in different style, and in a more loose way than my previous blog that I have been deleted so long time ago. I will not restrict myself in order to keep my blog neat, because actually it refrain me to write new things to my blog. I will not restrict myself to how long each entries will be, or what thing I will put in each entries, hoping that I will blog more. I will try to even blogging mobile from my cellphone. That also mean that I will not try to organize my blog very thoroughly with categories, tags, or anything. If I feel want to do it, I will do it. I hope you will find more honest, more clear, more cheerful and extrovert post going along with this blog. And if you do catch something in any of my entries, do leave comment, so I could get the feedback.

Now let’s get started!

By Martin Tjandra Posted in Life

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