In The Paradox of Silence


I’m back, since… almost forever. Hahaha. There’s already a very long time since I genuinely write something casual, not because I have some information to write, or daily post challenge. Well, today I was going to do the daily post challenge actually. But for some reason, I immediately lost my mood to write as soon as the writing page opened up. So, I changed to a casual writing instead. I think I need a warming up after not writing a casual thought for a very long time.

Well, today’s menu is… silence. Not actual silence of course, because you won’t read anything here if I stay absolutely silent. What I meant is that today the school is start in holiday mode, so a lot of foreign teachers have gone home to their home country, and the local teachers are also in vacation more. So the school is very silent. Even I can hear my own heart beat. Well, that’s exaggerating because I’m hearing at least the fan on my computer here. It’s hissing slowly, with a weird off-tune sound accompany it. Why I’m not in vacation mode, again? Well that’s a short long story. But I’m here anyway. So let’s get the thoughts roll.

I usually had so many things I want to talk about, especially about philosophy and paradox. I usually post them whenever I remember or make up one or two interesting lines. But because I wrote in Twitter client, I can only get a lousy 140 characters per post, which forced me to rewrite my lines over and over so that it fits, which in turn sometimes slightly changes the meaning. But it’s okay, since that also forced me to rethink the core meaning of the lines and leave out the redundancy.

I mainly interested in dualism and paradox. In fact, I made up a lot of dualism lines in my Twitter. Dualism itself is a broad subject, but in my case, I’m talking about the dualism nature of meaning. I believe, from my experience, that almost everything in this world, has a hidden meaning attached to them. What I meant is that everything is not always like what it seems. Everything is always a double-sided coins. Everything has pros and cons. And that’s not just as simple as it seems too.

For example, in my recent tweet, I talk about something:

There’s always positive ways to look at something. And there are also negative ways. You only have to make the right choice.

In here, I only want to present all the possibility to look at something. I do not encourage people to choose either side, but I do encourage people to  choose the correct choice, at any given time. There’s always positive and negative ways to look at something, and there’s also a positive and negative ways to look at them both!

For example, a company is making a profit this semester. How is the positive way to look at it? Easy. It will help the company grows. They will have a bigger ammunition for the next semester. The staffs will enjoy a bigger bonus. But how to look it the negative way? Is there any negative side at all? Yes, there is, apparently. If they’re too much spoiled by the euphoria of the profit, the staffs and managements will become soft and spoiled and stopped innovating, which were their base of repeating success when they’re still on the bottom. What’s the positive and negative ways to look at THE positive and negative ways? Well, if the company success and grows, they can reach a bigger target audience and get more income. But they will face a bigger challenge with the needs of more workers and staffs recruiting, and risks their “winning team” get tainted with newcomers which don’t have the same mental force like them. Then how about if company success and risk getting spoiled? The management can learn to tackle that by holding regular motivation meetings or seminars so that the staffs will hold theirselves on the right track, so the management itself will learn something. But the management will also have to fire some of the workers which can’t maintain the company standards.

The list can go on and on and on. But there’s actually no fixed guidance on which path of thinking you have to take. Sometimes you have to look at something on positive way. Sometimes, the negative way. Sure it is. There’s nothing wrong at looking something the negative way, if it means it can prepare you for unforeseen disaster up ahead. And sometimes you need to have a little of both. That’s what I learned from my thinking. Sometimes people just propped up and say to have an absolute positive thinking. Then I thought, then what will be, if I try to think the negative way? Is it truly hold a negative outcomes? After that, I realized that everything is depend on how you use it. If you can use it as a tool, you will get benefit from it. But if it becomes your master, then no matter how good positive thinking is, it will enslave you. What does have an “absolute basis” in this world is balance. For me, the word “too much” and “too few”, anything with “too” in it, is evil. Every good that God gives on this world, if we have it too much, it will becomes bad. Only for this kind of situation, I have a hard time figuring out what’s the positive way to look at it.

For example, sugar is sweet. Sweet is good. Good is happy. Right? But have too much sugar, you will get diabetic soon. Diet is healthy. Healthy is good. Good is happy. But have too much diet, and you risks your health even more than when you’re not in diet. Easy life is relaxing. Relaxing is good. Good is happy. But have too much easy life, and you will get soft. And when the storm bumps at you, you will crumble to the very bits of your bone.

That’s why I like one line that said:

“Life is like piano. White keys are happy moments. Black keys are sad moments. But remember both keys are played together to give sweet music.”

It’s true. You cannot play the piano only on the white keys or black keys alone. You need both of them to produce a truly masterpiece song. You cannot live your life only on good terms or bad terms alone. You need both of them to make you balance.

My life at my current job is probably where all the black and white keys played mixed up altogether. There’s so much going on that I don’t really know if everything is heading toward a good end or bad end. It’s like hearing The Flight of Bumble-Bee music piece, played by a mad piano guy which is striving to finish the piece as soon as he can because he’s about to BURST if he’s not going into the toilet, SOON. It’s fast. It’s frightening. It’s also interesting. But as the Bible says,

“Make yourselves at home there and work for the country’s welfare. “Pray for Babylon’s well-being. If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you.” (Jer 29:7, MSG)

So, I’m not doing anything based on people’s opinion. If God still lead me to stay in this place, so that means there’s still something I have to do here. So I will still pray for the welfare of my workplace and do the best that I can do.

Well, that’s all for now. I will only have a half-day work in the holiday. So maybe I will use my free time after work time to write and expand some philosophy lines that I’ve been tweeted in the past that catch my attention. Or I will work on my fiction story again. Depends on my mood. Haha. Now off I go! More work is waiting! Have a good (holi)-day! 🙂

How about you? Do you feel that everything can be thought in dualism and paradox? Share your thoughts below.


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