Just Normal, Usual Day


The Daily Post: Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither? Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVERYDAY.

The clock is ringing.
My wife’s hand reach for it,
and snooze it off.
It wasn’t a clock anyway.

She tries to woke me up,
when she saw me eyes,
already opened wide
looking deep into her eyes.

We smile, we laugh,
We hugged, we kissed,
We kneel, we pray,
And we start the day.

The bell is ringing.
All the students enter the class.
The teachers follows them,
Such a life at school.

One student asks.
One student listens.
One student play.
The others just wait and see.

One student cries.
One student fights.
One student angry.
The others just wait and see.

The phone is ringing.
Time to go home.
Meeting the people we love.
Doing activities we like.

My wife’s waiting at home.
Well, sometimes not,
Because of her job.
But when she do,
We’ll eat together,
Whether it’s in house,
or dine in,
It’s all the same,
As we share the stories
Of our everyday life,
On the dining table.

The night is near,
The end of the day is crawling.
I slipped off my pajamas,
When I see my wife,
who is already half dozed off.

It’s a tiresome day,
but also a worthy day,
as all the memories
will never go away.
as I closed my eyes,
and drifted,
to the land of dream.

A flat life,
But also a peaceful life.
A life where I contended.
Such is a normal daily life to me.


5 comments on “Just Normal, Usual Day

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