Reblogged: Screwed Up Parenting


I’m not usually into reblogging, but let me just give you a flash note about how screwed up parenting world today. Two weeks ago, there’s this post, which record a real event happened on a grocery store, and it broke my heart.

Because I can’t do anything as the father and the kid was obviously living in halfway part of the world, I won’t write excessive long comments about this horrible story, as it won’t solve anything. I just wanted to share with you, and pray that you all have great parents and will become a great parent someday. A kid needs chances to make their own decision, and to shut that is just shutting the door for the kid to grow up as a healthy kid. To use violence, even in form of words, is just showing how small your guts are, because the real strength is to use the strong arm to hug, not to hog.


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