Daily Prompt: All About Me


I miss this daily prompt yesterday which said: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Well, I think about it a little, and try to remember, what’s so great about “Life in a Nutshell” that I choose it as this blog’s title? Maybe I don’t even understand what that line means when I chose it. 😀

Then it’s all starting to come back to me. This blog in the beginning was created because I’ve read a blog called etodac.wordpress.com, which now has moved to ericchow.me/blog. His blog is quite interesting, that it sparks my writing soul again inside me. When I read my first post in this blog, it says February 21, 2011. Today is February 14, 2013, at midnight. So, a week again, this blog is turned 2 years! But I wanted to write this post now, so I will schedule this post to be published in a week, when this blog really turned 2 years!

Actually, if seen from history, I’ve been blogging since 2004 or so, in the integrated blog in Friendster. Wow, yeah, Friendster is the king of social network at that time in my country. I remember I’ve created almost 100 posts in that blog, which tell story about my life, including when I work in an urban city called Malang. But then, Friendster’s popularity declined. I move to Facebook. And I never open that blog again. And then I erase my account at Friendster, along with the blog. I feel it’s like erasing my past with all it’s mistakes and glory, and start anew.

Then not long after I created this blog. Now I choose blog outside social network, so that if I erase my account on that social network, my blog won’t get erased again. But I didn’t work on this blog for months after I create it, simply just because I lost motivation and inspiration.

Well, now we arrive at the question of the day: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. Hmm. Tough question. I’m a man with many focus. Yes, I know that’s not good, and I’m working on it. But what I wanted to say is that this blog was overloaded with many topics that I want to put inside, and it ended like a messy room with electric guitar, penguin, rocket launcher, and tennis racket all put together, alongside many other things. I primarily like technology, art, philosophy. But when I think about it, philosophy is something that always occupy my mind everyday in a bigger portion, even though I didn’t have doctoral degree in philosophy. I like to watching people, analyzing their current thought, and thinking about what they might think next. I like to think about I like to go melancholy and enter introspection mode from time to time, although the outcome is not always a positive one. Ha! But that’s me.

Talking about “me”, I’m a person with deep thoughts that sometimes forgot to live in the reality. I often easy to accidentally slip out into deep thinking and forget to pay attention to someone who actually still talking in front of me. That’s why, on the outside, I seems like an easy guy. But in the inside, there’s so much things going on, that maybe nobody will be able to understand, as it’s too complex to process and explained, even for me. That’s why I finally choose the title “Life in a Nutshell”, as that implying that I’m willing to share my life and thought in this blog, but usually you will only catch a glimpse of my thought. You will usually only able to dig information “in the nutshell”, even though the detail is in there.

Well, that’s it for daily prompt today, which also to celebrate why this blog was born before. I’m glad I’m able to continue to post something that someday maybe useful to other people. Cheers for the past two years, and the next years! 🙂



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