Ubuntu: Humanity Towards Others

So, here I am, sitting with the brand new OS I’ve never touched before. Okay, maybe I’ve touch it once or twice before, but I never get acquaintances with it properly. Thankfully, writing blog is a job done from within a browser, which will provide me a familiar interface no matter what the OS or the browser is.

Well, the story goes out like this. Once upon a time, which is exactly two days ago, I was browsing the Internet and reading about tech news blog and stuff, when some of the flame war comments coming up. I have a rather “bitter” past with Linux, but after reading some of the comments, I become interested by how many people stated that Ubuntu is a kind of Linux which directed toward end user, so it has a user friendly interface.

So that sparked up my curiosity. I open up my Chrome, and search for keyword “ubuntu”, and open the ubuntu homepage. One thing that ease up my nerve is that there is a “demo” inside the website, so I can feel how the ubuntu interface is. It’s not bad. I think I can handle this. Just as long as it doesn’t need a steep learning curve.

After some reading, I found out that to install ubuntu, I don’t need to create a new partition, and other hassle things. It even has a windows installer. I thought the windows installer will install ubuntu as a program inside the windows. So I downloaded the ubuntu ISO disc, and then install it. Turns out that it installed itself as a dual boot operating system along with my Vista. I was afraid before that it will disturb my Vista booting, but then after I check, everything still goes fine. And then I tried to boot to the ubuntu. I left it for some time to let it finish the installation and downloads new updates.

Then the installation finish. Now what? I think, the ubuntu interface somewhat similar with Mac. Of course, given that Mac spawns from Linux as well. Ubuntu has a blurry-glass look like Windows’ Aero interface. But I still can’t help that I prefer the Windows’ “neat” feels. I like fonts typefaces in Windows better. But that’s a rather minor problem. I start to take a look around, trying some chatting, email features, and then open the Firefox browser, which is already pre-installed.

The first thing I do is downloading the Google Chrome browser, as I used with Chrome’s interface. But after downloading some 30MBs, the installation failed to run. I redownload it, but it still failed to run. Oh whatever, I said. It’s not a big thing. Then I tried to extract a rar file using “Ubuntu Explorer”, but I got an error message, saying that the archive format is not supported. Well, it’s two problem already, I said in my mind. Whatever, I will extract the file in Vista, then.

Ubuntu, according to Wikipedia, comes from Southern African philosophy, means “Humanity Towards Others”. Well, a nice philosophy for me. Overall, I think Ubuntu is somewhat OK. It’s not as scary as my first thought. But I’m not sure if I can eliminate my Windows completely. I’ll try to further change my daily routine computer activities in Ubuntu, and if there’s some interesting story, I’ll share with you all here.


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