The “Me” I Never Talked About

Hello guys. If you’ve read my previous post, I’ve said that I’m currently watching lots of KevJumba Youtube movie in my spare time. Aside from the iOS programming activity, I found that his channel is entertaining. As much as I found his movie is hilarious, I found the comments are even more hilarious. I even spend longer time reading the comments than watching the videos. Sometimes, when I read the comments, I thought to myself, how nice it is to live a life where people love, and even adore us. How nice it is to be famous.

Then I realized that something about me is different.

WHAT? Wait a minute, what was I thinking? I never thought of something like that before. The “me” that I know was never craving about fame. I even often told to my Church friends, “NEVER, ever, seek to be famous. First, being famous doesn’t guarantee that you’re living a successful life. Second, if God DOES think that you’re worthy enough to handle the fame, He will give it to you no matter what. The need to be famous, is something that wil take your focus from God to yourself. So do not seek fame. Do your part, work hard, and the fame will come follow you.” well, that’s what I said to them, more or less. But even I shocked when I realized I have those wishes I never thought I’ll have.

The thing is, you’ll never know what you’re capable of, before you put in a situation that test what you’re truly made of. When I first hear about the same thing from my previous leaders, I’m pretty much of that nerdy guys which doesn’t give any attention about popularity, artist, fame, and fans. I was happy and contended with my current boring life, which I define with the term safe life, and I double agree with them. I nailed in my brain that wanting to become famous is a crime, and that also makes me hard to be a fan of any artists.

But after some sort of a decade, there’s so much of me changed. The most obvious change is that I’m no more that nerdy school boy which bringing heavy backpack full of books and wearing rounded glasses with a despicable-me hair that’s so much uncool. Last night, after watching some of KevJumba’s video which he took when he was in highschool, I was inadvertedly browsing some of my highschool and primary school old photos that I was scanned in past time. And it was so horrible that showing those photos off here is really a crime. That’s why there are none. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was absolutely a nerd that being called nerd while in school was considered an honor by me. But as the time goes by, my mind went opened after I went to college and uni, I slowly evolve to become someone who thinks more about what I should wearing, is this cloth appropriate or not, what kind of hair do I should use, and so on. And, whether I realized it or not, the needs to be famous slowly grow. When I think about it, I was also tempted to seriously join Indonesian Idol 2011 when my friend told me about it. Ahahahah, me, joining a talent search show? I can only laughed about it now, but back then, I was serious. I don’t know what’s coming to my mind that time.

Today I just wanna share that we needs to be careful about what we say. Think what you think. Think it again. Because when you giving advice to someone, and you haven’t tested proved in that field, sooner or later, the things you say will come after you. Nowadays, I becomes selective in giving advice, especially when I never experienced in the topic I’m going to talk about, because besides I know it will rarely works, I will experience something in the future that I have to face according to my advice. And if I can’t do it, I’m so dead. I often read in the Bible that teachers will be asked for more responsibility. Firstly, because a teacher already knows more, and when someone knows more, he will be asked for more responsibility than his brethen who doesn’t know about then same thing. And secondly, because a teacher, well, teach. And a teacher should be able to do what he teach, sort of. You’ll never know when your teaching will backfire to you if you suddenly face the same situation as the person who asked you for an advice, where you never experience that problems before.

But don’t make that as an excuse to stop giving advice or teaching other people. We’re still human, and humans need to love and help each other. The problem is sometimes our advice is not coming from a heart of love, but from an arrogant and nerdy mind which want to be acknowledged by giving advice people don’t ask.


2 comments on “The “Me” I Never Talked About

  1. Hey Martin! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Besides our faith in Christ, we have three other things in common: 1.) Our passion for blogging 2.) Our interest in Kev Jumba YouTube videos. Yes, I find him VERY funny too. 3.) We have the same WordPress theme now. Haha!

    Being famous for ourselves is really just selfish but wanting to be famous to make God famous is a differently good thing, in fact a heavenly one. Don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Merry Christmas to you too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the thoughtful comment.
      Hahah, I’ve just noticed that you really use the same wordpress theme! That’s a great work for you to customize it. I find it very beautiful.
      Of course, it’s a heavenly one. ๐Ÿ˜€ The problem is just that the line is very thin, that is pose a great risk from exalting the Highest One, slipped into exalting the “high one” (ourselves). ๐Ÿ˜€

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