Many Ways of Excluding Specific Results from Your Search Engine

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How good does it sound to be able to exclude some domain from your Google search result ever every time you type on Google search box? And to be able to maintain those blacklisted domain list directly from your Google account?

As good as it is to hear, at the point of this post is written, it is impossible. I assure you.

This topic has quite be floating for a while, and in many places I see scattered information about how to exclude some specific search (or even some specific domains) from your search result. And I would like to stitch them all for you to dig.

Before we begin, I would like to state the fact that, despite of the abundant requests that Google has received, there’s no trace about that feature being developed up until now. I guess there’s much more than just a simple code going around here. With amazing web developers Google had, they should have come to this solution by the time iGoogle appears. From the engineers perception, it’s not that hard to develop such blacklist feature within your profile. But Google employees keep avoiding discussion about this specific idea, and always suggesting another search option, such as adding minus (-) to filter out domains that you want to exclude, or using advanced search. But all in all, users just want some domains to be excluded from their search result, at anytime, automatically, without any hassle. But I understand. They (the advertising companies) pay. We don’t. So, we need to abide by the money rules.

But nevertheless, everybody who’s not satisfied will work around about how to filter out unwanted domain or search result from their searches. And this is what I’ve learnt and discovered so far. I listed anything, from the most primitive ones (thus the easiest and the fastest), to the most “advanced” ones (though doesn’t always mean it’s complicated). Which one you use will be entirely based on your situation and needs. Some methods are better than another at some situations.

How to block or narrow down certain search result from search engines

1. Add minus (-) sign in front of search terms you don’t want to be displayed
Searching mountain -fuji will result in any pages containing “mountain”, without the word “fuji” inside it.
Searching mountain will result in any pages containing “mountain”, outside the domain (and also excluding any other pages that contain “” word).
Applies to: Google, Yahoo, Bing 

2. Add “site:” syntax to search only specific domain
If you know that the results will be only relevant if coming from a specific domain,
entering mountain for example, will search, and only search, the site for the terms mountain.
Applies to: Google, Yahoo, Bing 

3. Using Google Custom Search Engine to build a whitelist
Google Custom Search Engine will gives you form to list site of your search. So if you are primarily using search engine to looking for research material for example, you can enlist all the domain that contains your research material, and next time you’re searching, only result from those sites will be displayed. Never need to bother with irrelevant results from other domains. And at the top of that, you can manage infinite custom search engine from your google account, so you can have custom search engine for your research material, while in your free time, you would use your music searching custom engine, or else. But the downside is you have to live with small ads search result if you’re using this custom search engine for free.
Applies to: Google

PS: Bing supposedly had their own custom search engine tools at the web, but they shut it down per Feb 4, 2011.

4. Using Add-ons to filter out search result
There are several add-ons for specific browsers that designed to filter specific domains out of search result. Some of those add-ons can even make some search results stand out at the top of the page. These add-ons, once they’re in effect, will immediately remove search results. They are:

I can’t find similar add-ons yet on Opera and Safari. And I can’t find similar add-ons that filter out Yahoo and Bing.

FYI though, these search filter type add-ons is only filter out search result after the search result page has been delivered by Google, so if Google sends 10 search result and those add-ons blocks 2 of them, it will only gives 8 results instead of full 10 results. So if the add-on blocks all of your results, they can leave you with a page without result, only next page link.
Applies to: Google

5. Using Google+ to rank a page higher
With Google+ account, you can “rank” a page higher by “+1”-ed it. That way, sites and domains that you’ve previously “+1”-ed will appear more often at your search result. Of course, this will only works if you have Google+ account and signed in to one, and this can not be used to entirely filtered out your search results.
Applies to: Google

Well, as far as I know, these are all the ways you can do to narrow down your search or blacklist some of your search to met your criteria. If you know anything that I missed, let me know. 🙂


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