Secret of Happiness

Happiness - that makes us feel as if our chest is as vast as a soccer stadium.

Well, for a very long time, the humanity is searching, and craving, for this menu called “Happiness”. I’m searching for it, you’re searching for it, we all are. When I was a little kid, my happiness would be if I can play games for hours non stop a day. But as I’m growing up as teenager, my happiness center is shifted, so that I would be happy if I got a great mark or I’m doing some activities with my friends. Now that I’m a young adult, my happiness simply lies at the order of my daily life. If I can going through my daily life smoothly without any disturbance, I can call it a great day.

I guess, our own happiness center is very different with each other. Every person is having their own happiness center, depends on how their environment taught them to be. But after some contemplation, it can be said that happiness philosophy can be classified as one of these five:

  1. You can feel happiness when your wish is fulfilled.
    “Oh, I hoped that I got that new iPad 2!” maybe you said in your mind. “Or, I just needed that I’m getting that job that I’m dreamed about.” everybody has a wish, and when that wish is fulfilled, there is a certain degree of happiness flowing inside our chest.

    Pros: You will become a locomotive that keep chasing after your dream. You’ll become a successful person that keep going up and up. People will envy you.
    Cons: After a certain degree, you’ll be obsessed with your ambition, and forget that there’s another source of happiness, like a happy family, or a meaningful life. When you get bored with your ambition, you will feel that all that you’ve been searching for is nothing. You usually can’t balance your life.

  2. You can feel happiness when you feel that you already have all you can wish for.
    This is can be shortened as “grateful”. People who’s grateful can feel happiness in every condition in their life.

    Pros: This happiness is an unconditional happiness, that can feel happy whether something bad or good is happen in their lives.
    Cons: People like this often lack of ambition, makes them live a just standard life in other person’s point of view, because they already feel enough. The worst part is, the people who live with them is not always think in their way. And if their spouse or children or parents don’t feel satisfied with their current life, there is a potential for conflicts.

  3. You can feel happiness when you focused on other people’s life.
    Sometimes, you can’t dig for happiness when you seek within yourself. But after helping an old lady walk across the street, or give lift to a stranger that very much needed it, you can feel like you’re standing in the top of the world, like your chest could explode. You feel like you’ve doing something important in your life. People like this also known as family-man. They loved their family very much. But sometimes, there’s also exceptions.

    Pros: People like this are “the hero of the community”. They’re loved by their neighborhood, and they often get help back when they someday needed it.
    Cons: Sometimes, they think of other people’s need more than themselves. And that makes their help is a double-edge sword: they help other people, but when other people saw the current life of their helper, they feel guilty or uneasy, to the point that people said “Help yourself first! After that you can help the others!”

  4. You can feel happiness when you are having a good relationship with your Creator.
    This can be identified as a religious leader or a mere ordinary follower, the most important is they’re have a relationship with God. So many people find peace and happiness when they know that their God ‘walks’ besides them, to give them a successful and bright future ahead of them.

    Pros: This is also unconditional happiness, provided that they still in good faith and relationship with God. They can develop and chasing vision like those ambitious person, they can feel grateful, and they can become very caring with other people, while still maintain their balance of life.
    Cons: Of course when people like this fall from the relationship because of sin or other causes, their life will immediately turned upside down.

  5. You can feel happiness when you feel balanced.
    People like this doesn’t like to indulge themselves in one and only goal to pursue. In fact, they don’t seem to have any active ambition at all, but they do have ambition. They seek balance in life, and they don’t want to be too obsessed, or too carefree. They don’t like to be on the very top of the world, but they also don’t want to be living on the street. They care about their job, their family, their friends, their religious activities, their social activities, their internet activities (?), all in a balance and good proportion. If their life is just running smoothly, for them it’s happiness.

    Pros: They can lead a very good life. A balance life is also something that worth to be have, because they won’t miss any “good stuff” that can happen in their life. By balancing, they avoided crash and problems with other people.
    Cons: Because their happiness is tied with their balance, any disturbance in the balance will cause the pyramid of balance to fall apart. A serious problem in the workplace can affect family, or a family problem can affect performance in workplace, and such.

That will be a quick sum of five big classification of happiness that can be happen in your life. But no matter what your happiness center is, I remember a wise word that I’m hearing long time ago from my friend:

Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is a byproduct of other things you do. If you keep searching and running toward happiness, it will fly further away from you. Do the right things, set it as your goal of life, then in the process of chasing toward it, happiness will come along to accompany your journey.

— Abdiel Daud Yonatan

What makes you happy? Do you have a happiness philosophy that can’t be categorized in the 5 above? Let share it together.


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