Beat Yourself

Anybody will always has problem in this life. Whether it involved parents, friends, workmate, boss, money, sickness, loss, anything. But I think the hardest enemy human kind ever fought in history are themselves.

When we fought with external source, we can see the ‘enemies’, so we can develop strategies to face them. But when the problem is come from inside, it have a very high probability to corrupt and defeat us before we even know it. Why? Because we feel that it’s part of us. We believe in it, because we thought it’s under our control. But sadly, that’s its strategy, to hide lurking in the deep dark, seems like to obey all of our commands, but suddenly grips us in the neck when we are at our most vulnerable times. How many times a friend of mine said that he wants to stop smoking, when he immediately (habitualy) taken a cigar out of the box after lunch, and lighten it up, and suddenly realized that he’s already smoking two cigars before stop.

Our body is composed from cell and chemical reactions that depends on previously condition – if we are accustomed to sleep early, then our body will ask for that order everyday. If we usually slept after midnight, then we will have a hard time when trying top sleep before midnight. That’s called body regulation. But it’s not the only factor. For something that also produce happiness, our brain also produce hormone that’s drug-like that makes us addictive to it. When we desire something that we regularly desire, such as eating abundantly, the brain produces such hormone that makes us even more unable to resist it. That’s why we always having a hard time breaking from old habit once we addicted to it. Not to mention that become addicted to anything have similar effect to drugs: it lowers your intelligence. But don’t worry, as of any other addiction, it’s only can be broken by creating a different habit to break it.

Not only behavioural-addiction, we also have to face ourselves in terms of fear. The feeling of fear is very often disabling us in a very important situation. It’s like the fear is very smart in choosing time for it to make movement. But we cannot allow ourselves to succumbed prolongly to fear. Usually, when we face our fear, it’s not that scary. What amplify its multitude is our self perception about the situation.

There are many things that we have to fought from ourselves, but I think these two are the greatest of all. I’m too not perfect, still learning to kick out bad habit and live more meaningful life. By getting closer to our Creator, is also something that can giving us divine intervention when fought our seemingly endless battle with ourselves. So lets try together, shall we?


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