The New iPad 2: The King of The Hill?

iPad 2

Woohoo! The new iPad 2 has been launched on March 2. The launching fiesta at Yerba Buena Center for the Art, San Fransisco has become a witness for the new product, that immediately succeed the still-infant-brother iPad. Here’s what unveiled on the demo (the theme for iPad 2 improvement is mostly “2”):

  • It’s thinner (as if it’s not thin already!) by 33% that made it thinner than iPhone 4!
  • It’s also lighter by 15%.
  • It (theoretically) got twice as speed as the iPad thanks to the dual core A5 chips.
  • It got dual camera, one in back for HD video shooting and crisp photo taking, and one in front for Facetime.
  • It got two flavors of color now, one in white, and one in black.
  • It got upgraded graphics card, now 9x faster than iPad.
  • It finally got gyroscope, something that gamers and game developers will love.
  • It got smartcover (sold separately) designed for both iPad and iPad 2 that sleeps iPad when it closed, and wakes iPad when it opened. And…
  • Its pricing is just the same as iPad!

Well, hello Steve Jobs! You’re very smart at playing with the market. While this made people new to iPad glad, but not with people who already bought iPad at 9 months ago! But anyway, this leveling up the competition ground of tablet computer, because before the launch of iPad 2, people had to compare Motorola Xoom, the brand new (and still the only) tablet for Android with a 1 year old tablet, which is not much. But now, they’re comparable.

Motorola Xoom

If compared to the Motorola Xoom, here’s a little hint:

  • From the processor, it’s pretty much a tie. Xoom also has 1 GB dual core processor like iPad.
  • Xoom got 1 GB RAM, which iPad only has 256 MB according to the rumor. But that won’t be much a problem though, because iPad is not designed multi application.
  • Memory Storage, Xoom got 32 GB, meanwhile iPad is based on your choice: 16, 32, or 64 GB.
  • Xoom’s screen (10.1-inch) is slightly larger than iPad (9.7-inch).
  • From the connection technology, sure iPad support Wifi + 3G if you choose to, but Xoom support even more. It’s 4G ready.
  • For the removable storage, Xoom is more flexible by adding slot for microSD Card.
  • For the browsie techie. Xoom that operate based on Android which is open in nature, support Flash, something which Steve has long time been pointed as a compromise of stability.
  • Android tablet seriously still lacked apps developed for it. But I bet it catched up, like how Android app for Android phones is catching up with iOS apps.
  • Android in its open nature will be likely to be targeted with more virus than closed nature like iOS and its device like iPad. But that’s not meant that iOS free of virus too, but at much unlikely rate.

That will sum almost all for the beginning of tablet computer war. Will iPad 2 hold its position as the King of the Hill? Or will the rising star coup d’etat the incumbent? Share your thought. Let the tablet computer war begins!


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