Smallville, A Television Series with Thousand of Flavors


Now, I have this hobby for quite sometime. This is sorta addictive to me: I like watching Smallville television series. I just happen to watched it because in fact I don’t like to watch a still ongoing series. If the episode ended in an abrupt scene, and I have to wait until the next month maybe to get a new episode, that would be a seemingly endless torture to me haha. Over reactive. But I just can’t wait any longer for them to finish the 10th season! Anyway, I just like to mention that I like the values offered in Smallville. How the choice the main character has to make everyday. It’s not always a very good choice, but the film also tells how the main character resolve with those solution, and not running away from it. From the film series, the Superman portrayed very humanly, and I think that what makes us love the story, because we all can portrayed ourselves in the position of Clark Kent even though none of us are Kryptonian. 🙂

I also love how the relationship with his parents unfold. And how his parents also have their own issue. Many times I watch television series where the parents only served as an “accessories” to the story. But in Smallville, I can feel their emotion too. I can feel their emotion toward each other, and toward Clark. I love their supports to Clark — even though in some scene, I can see the lame acting about supporting, but in many other occasion, the supports felt very genuine, to the point that I can see Clark through Jonathan’s eyes. This film taught me much about how to raise your family and how to treat and respect your own children. How it must have feel to have children that feels him/herself different from others like I was do, to an extend. I also like how their (the Kents’) romance is portrayed. It really felt like they really are husband and wife, like I can imagine them as my own parents.

And not forget mentioning Clark’s friend too. The complexity between friends, best friends, and lovers is also the main magnet in this series. If I don’t know the Superman movie yet, I wouldn’t have known which one will be Clark’s true lovers, either Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, or Lois Lane. They all have the same chance. Actually, I’ve just finished 4th season last night, and now going onto 5th season out of the 9 seasons that all already on hand, which from what I read at a glimpse on the smallville wikia, the series will going to a much mature topic, leaving high school and its life behind. The Kryptonian destiny would also chase him faster, so I can expect that the next series will be more focused to they story of good guy vs bad gay more than family and friend value, but yeah I can going along with it. The season is reported will be ended on season 10, which is now currently running in the US. Well, it’s about time. I already thinking the story is dragged too long, and may trapped into the lone story of superhero and lost its former values. Let’s unzip it then!


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