Right Now, Right Here

This noon, I was listening to the instrumental song “Give Thanks” while driving to my friend’s house from office. The sky is cloudy. I arrived at the traffic light, and suddenly the rain started to pour down.
Well for me it’s not a very big deal. I just slide the lever, and the screen is clear again. My car is also a big-type one, so I don’t need to worry about passing through flooded road, if there’s any. Still I thinking, “why it have to rain, right here, right now?” the road usually becomes more crowded if it’s raining, and I actually have to arrived pretty fast. Just as I finished thinking, I see outside my car in the left, a man in motorcycle hastily step down, taken out his raincoat, wear it, all while constantly watching the traffic light hoping that it doesn’t turn green very soon. Another man farther away still sitting calmly in his motorcycle, letting rain poured upon himself. Then some words softly heard on my heart, “You have to thankful with what you have right here, right now, because not everyone is as ‘lucky’ as you are, and you still have room for complaining.” I’m rarely used motorcycle, because my parents won’t allowed me too. But I just thinking how stress it would be, like the man who have to using his raincoat hastily. And suddenly I feel thankful for not get wet when it’s raining in the middle of the road, something that I previously taken for granted. Life will be more colorful if we able to give thanks from small things that happen around us. So I learn to more appreciate what’s present in my surrounding right now, right here, rather than clinging too much onto something uncertain in the future and forget about the present.


4 comments on “Right Now, Right Here

  1. So true! We even feel a lot better when we go through life with an attitude of gratefulness.

    We can’t have everything of course but being thankful for what we have right here, right now, will spell a big difference in how we deal with life and the people around us.

    • Yeah, that’s what important: people around us. By focusing on them, we also can suppress unnecessary conflicts, which usually we will regret it in the future. =)

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