Browser War: My Background

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Google Chrome

It’s have been 5 years that I have completely ceased using Internet Explorer. It was when I finally gave a browser named Mozilla Firefox a try. After using it for a while, I have to admit that using Firefox is less buggy and has notably faster download time. But then I met this website: Facebook. That web is so Flash- and Javascript-based heavily that I can expect my Firefox to crash anytime soon even if I only open one sole page of Facebook. And the system becomes so slow when I opened dozens page of Facebook, which is my primary browsing habit. So one year ago, I gave another browser a shot, and that would be Google Chrome. And the first impression didn’t disappoint me. From the sleek interface, and the performance, chrome is somewhat faster and reliable than Firefox. It crashes less — a crash on one page didn’t severely affect other pages, which a feature I found nice for a tab maniac person like me. And the Javascript engine is blazing fast, even at its 2008 beta. I have found this Javascript-based NES emulator website which said that only Chrome is able to play the game at full speed the game will run full speed when played with Chrome, Safari 4, and Opera. Nobody’s perfect though. Even if Chrome is crashed less when opening Facebook, Chrome was crashed often when I tried to save a picture or download a file from the web — any operation that needs to open “Save As” dialog. It’s not always crashed, but everytime the dialog was opened, the browser become more and more unstable until it crashed. Chrome even crashed my computer to the point of blue screen of death, something I never experienced when using Firefox.

Actually, I also have tried Opera and Apple Safari (my current computer have those all five web browsers installed) but Opera and Safari didn’t impress me that much (other than Opera Unite feature, which I don’t use it very often either). As the statistic shows, at January 2011, Firefox already sitting in the first place by 42.8%, when IE got second place with 26.6% market share, and Chrome catching up the third place with 23.8%. Chrome rise as a newbie, but gained popularity faster than what Firefox done in its early start.

As the future unveiled, all the browsers has been racing to be the very first browser who released a brand new version that catch up with the most current standard of HTML5 and its colleague (CSS3, Offline Storage, Device Access, Multimedia, and 3D). Mozilla has released the most current Firefox 4 beta 7 (Firefox even already showcased screenshot of Firefox 5), Chrome has pushed its most current update faster in this Chrome version 9, and Microsoft has racing its development in Internet Explorer 9, which has undergone several overhaul, and try to keep on track on the most current standard. What the future of these web browsers would be? Who knows. But lets expect that it’s all for the very best for the future of Internet Technology.


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