How to Maintain A Healthy Belly

Full course dinner

Full course dinner

Well, first, to be honest, I’m not a person who dilligently maintain and taking good care of myself. I’m not always eat on time, and also not strictly maintain a routine sleeping time. But I do love studying about health. So let me share what knowledge I have accumulate over the past 20 years. I know that my knowledge surely far from perfect and many of these are based on personal research, so let’s discuss about it together.

Today let’s talk about Stomach. It’s the organ inside our belly that can process the steak and fruit that we eat so that our body can absorb it. We supposedly have already know how important this one organ is. But we often forgot to taking care this organ correctly. Here are the suggestions on how to keep your stomach healthy.

  1. Eat Timely
    Of course, the most brilliant and important suggestion of the day is eat in time order. If the clock says that now is the time for you to eat, eat now, because the starve feeling is not depends on whether your stomach is empty or not, but determined greatly by your blood sugar level. If you wait until you feel starved, that means your body already depleted from blood sugar, and your stomach has already irritated by the acid from the stomach (gastric acid).
  2. Eat Normally
    After one have been miss lunch or breakfast, people tends to eat more than the usual. While this is understandable (the very low blood sugar level will trigger the brain to craving for food), this is in fact not good for the stomach. Your stomach is already in the condition of “drowning” with stomach acid. It’s irritated. If you force it to suddenly work very hard, then you will worsen its condition. Eat normally, or eat little by little, no matter how starve you are. It’s better for your stomach if you eat half bowl portion for 6 times a day, than full bowl for 3 times a day. And don’t eat a very spicy food too much. Not only it irritated your stomach and makes you diarrhea, it also can cause appendix infection. You won’t want that.
  3. Don’t stare at food at prolonged time if you aren’t going to eat soon
    Staring at food will trigger the production of stomach acid, and it will hasten the irritation of your stomach if your stomach is empty. Don’t staring, especially drooling, at food, if you aren’t going to eat soon. 🙂
  4. Try to not drink before you finish eating
    Some people got the habit of drinking regularly while eating. I must admit, me too, especially if the food is very spicy. But, when you drink, you dissolve the acid on the stomach that has been prepared to digest the food. And that means you force the stomach to work harder. Just drink as little as you need, and finish your meal before you “finalize” it with drinking a whole glass.
  5. Drink Normally
    No, I’m not talking about drinking from the nose or something, but I’m talking about watch out with what you drink. Whenever, wherever, whatever situation, drinking a room temperature fresh water is the very best solution you’ll ever have for your health. Soda, is a backstabbing ally — it feels good in the tongue, but burns your stomach — literally. It’s a more evil acid than your own stomach acid. It also lowers your bone density. And you have to beware of anything canned drink that is sweet, because usually the sugar level in the drink is more than what allowed. You don’t want to become fat fast just because of your obsession of drinking coke, don’t you? 🙂 and even coke zero, contain zero sugar, but also synthetic sweeteners, that also impacting on other areas of your health. So, less is more.
  6. Drink a lot if your stomach is empty and you seems won’t be eat anything soon
    By drinking a lot (fresh water preferred), you will wash away the excessive acid from your stomach, therefore reducing the irritation process.
  7. Eat Fruit and Green Food
    Eating vegetables will help “wash away” the digestion system from digestion remnants. It also serve as “exercise” for your digestion system so that it will function better and better. Fruit contains fresh water from the fruit itself. Not yet mentioning about the vitamin and minerals you can get for your health benefit. You can save a lot of doctor time if you eat vegetables and fruit regularly.

That’s about almost all I know about how to keep your stomach healthy and functioning. What else do you know that I forgot to mention here? Share your thought.

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