Thinking About Future

Face it: thinking about future is not the same as going through it. In past few days, my father has been giving advice to me of how I should handle my future. But as a matter of fact, i do lack one character quality: courage. The lack of quality is the worse thing can happen than lack of money, or lack of skills, because it disables one from doing anything further. I do read many books about handling future, but that just only increasing my knowledge, not my courage. I should have understand that i have the potential needed to be success, and i have the resource needed to back that up, but why the feeling of discouragement still lurking me up inside. Now i know that the power of phylosophy doesn’t save you from fear. I know that the solution to fear is simple: face it, and don’t think too much like i do, and you’ll overcome your fear. Sadly, it’s have been a habit for me to overthink about something that i still can’t let it go just like that. But i also know that talking isn’t going to solve anything. The three things that can solve anything is do it, do it, and do it! C’mon Martin, wake up and pay attention!

By Martin Tjandra Posted in Life

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